I am a designer on Arcane Gallery, Arcane Gallery is a curated selection of designers and lifestyle products that celebrate sexuality through the highest quality materials and most beautiful design. We aim to focus on ethically sourced materials and eco-friendly designers so all products can be enjoyed guilt free.

Arcane has joined forces with One by One store, for there first ever pop up!

So to get your lovely hands on to Sasha Louise latex in London head down to;


I'm so excited for this collaboration!!


How I ended up in here . . . . . . 

I came to Berlin for a weekend for a friends Birthday, Berlin had never been on my radar as somewhere I wanted to go and the extent of my knowledge of Berlin was from History in school. In November Berlin is cold as fuck, I hate the cold but I fell for the city in 4 days (like in all great love stories!) It wasn't one thing it was just being here felt good there is an ease to the city.

The weekend that changed my life and the beautiful people involved in it.

The weekend that changed my life and the beautiful people involved in it.

So April I'm in a pub in Kingscross having a conversation with my flat mates friend and we start talking about Berlin and she tells me she's been there so many times and if she didn’t have to consider her partner and her new Job as a Teacher she would move there in a heartbeat. I'm listening to this and thinking, I don't have a partner and my job moves with me so why don't I move there?

Sitting on a London Bus I saw these billboards about how London is getting so expensive and the decrease in quality of living in London. So I text my Friend Dionne and wrote 'Wanna move to Berlin with me?'

3 Months later we landed in Berlin 3 suitcases each and it was 38 degrees! July in Berlin is fucking Hot!

My babe of a best friend.

My babe of a best friend.

I love Berlin it is a smash up of my home town of Hereford and London. And I started cycling for the first time since I was 15 (even though everyone thought I couldn't!)

Some say confidence is the best accessory

We say its this clutch bag! and matching phone case! and matching card holder!

 In the wonderful croc print you've seen on Sasha Louise leggings and skirts before, but in a new shiny on matte, black on black, the clutch bag is perfect for a night out, and the card holder is great for oysters!
These items, like everything here at Sasha Louise, are made in house, so the phone cases are available for any phone (not just for the iphone carriers out there!), just let us know the make and model. Shop the range here

We're super excited about these new pieces, and so in love, we hope you love them as much as we do!


Expanding! Exciting!

Sasha-Louise can now be found stocked alongside other fab emerging designers on Wolf & Badger!

Wolf & Badger is a brilliant 'retail concept' with an online store, and a number of boutiques stocking the best and most exciting new designers around (like SashaL obvs!).

Its brilliant to be acknowledged and  supported like this, and be able to see Sasha-Louise growing before our eyes, having a new platform to sell on means we will be reaching people we may not of if it wasn't for this great online space!
-Also currently the only latex brand on the site,  team Sash is winning all over!

Who says you cant wear latex to an interview!?

BORING PEOPLE.. and perhaps many others, but hey your a big girl and you can do what you want!
Smart doesn't have to mean 'blah' and boring, here is just four little looks to give you an idea on how you can wear your favourites from Sasha Louise mixed up with high-street pieces for some sexy rubbery secretary vibes!

  1. This look one is my favourite so we'll talk that first, this net shirt will look really sleek tucked into some highwaisted wide legs, with these supe cute mules poking out! Dont forget to put a simple, yet statment top underneath to keep things PG!

        2. For a summery look try the pink flower pencil skirt, with a white shirt tucked in (a shirt dress like this T by Alexander Wang is a good length under the sheer skirt!) and a light pink duster coat will look fab all layered up. Another pair of mules to finish this look off because who doesnt love a mule!?

            3. This latex flower print top is so light and soft, it would look great with some sassy culottes and even sassier statement heels like these from RiverIsland! 

              4. I like to call this 'I'm a little summery but you'll never take my black away' cause that Moschino 'Cheap-and-Chic' jumper is just so cute! channel your inner bumble and keep it comfy in some sensible flats, or don't, heels would look really good with this too!!

See how wearable!? Just click the pictures and they will take you to their page, hopefully this has given you guys some inspiration!

Did you know..?

That Sasha Louise Latex is 100% vegan, and super natural! 
Most people think that rubber is some horrible amalgamation of chemicals, when in actual fact it comes straight from a tree.. 
There are a couple of videos on YouTube that, along with sending you right back to a school science lesson, explain the process quite well for those of you wanting to know more!

With latex being a natural material it means it is 100% vegan, and makes for a great guilt free addition to your wardrobe! Not only is it free of animal products, but it is also bio-degradable, so three cheers for the new wave of sexy latex clad animal loving, environment enthusiasts! HIP HIPPY HORRAY!

Also check out these 'Croc' look pieces, a great alternative to leather!

Kiesza at the Juno Awards!

If you missed Kiesza performing at the Juno Awards, you missed her looking fab in my Croc look leggings.
But dont worry too much 'cause you can check her out here:

And shop the look here:

Get Florries' look!

                                                             Florrie on set of 'Too young to remember'

Check out Florrie rocking the three quarter net dress in her Video 'Too young to remember' for the latest 'H&M loves music' campaign. 
Teaming the dress with a plain black bralet, simple black skirt and some chunky boots gives you a super easy to wear outfit, good for day or night! 

                                                                          Shop The Look Here: