That time Lady Gaga wore my dress

A little throw back. The day I found out she wore my dress,  I was just finishing work at Kim West and we were talking outside the shop about how crazy the outfits worn by Gaga from her Art pop press tour were and how the press samples I sent to Gaga's stylist were way to tame for her tour look.

I headed home and thought one cheeky last google. . . . and there in a tiny News feed picture I saw some net latex! Legit shouted 'Fuck Yeh!' out loud on the London bus (which you would think would evoke a reaction from people, but its a bus in south London) And then I called Kim, my Mum and my sisters, you know to brag about how cool there big sister is!

I found out that this dress is no in an exhibition at the Hard rock hotel which is pretty fucking cool!


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