All the pieces available on this website are made by me and magic! JK I do drink a lot of coffee though does that count as a little bit of magic?

I get asked a lot about the fabric and I always hear people saying 'oh its laser cut' . . . .  No laser machine up in this bizz, its all handmade by myself old skool huh! I have been completely in love with couture techniques my whole life and think making clothing by hand is really special. Ok its just clothes but from the makers point of view its pretty sick to see a fully wearable garment after working on it for days from drawing and figuring out the pattern, creating the fabric and putting all those pieces together. 

My net and flower latex is hand created individually from its raw state, then I trim it and glue it together to make what you see in my shop. I've been making these pieces this way for the last 7 years and no one piece and be created the same way so each piece is completely individual to the customer. 

Just a little bit about the process of Sasha Louise 

Sasha xx

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