Morning Madonna is a dedicated lingerie blog started by Laura out of the frustration of not being able to find reviews of lingerie styles that fit her aesthetic and size. 

I contacted Laura to collaborate on a look book for my new lingerie collection, I really loved Laura's ethos and love for small brands. I was drawn to her natural fresh approach to photography.

Below is an interview with Laura,

Why do you love lingerie?

Lingerie is evocative and can alter your mood in the subtlest of ways. For example, a simple jersey set can bring you comfort, an all black set can make you feel powerful and yet a soft lace set can invoke romantic notions. It's another form of expressing yourself and I love that it can be hidden away or on display for all to see.

Your brand message?

While I feel my brand is always developing further, my core ethos from day one is that lingerie isn't solely for the male gaze and their pleasure, nor does it need to be kept for special occasions and only worn very rarely. Lingerie should always be about the wearer, regardless of who has the pleasure of seeing it. 

Values that your blog has?

Two core values of my blog are to know that there is a difference between a want and a need and to shop ethically where you can. If spending less on your needs means you are able to live your day to day life without worry, that's understandable. However, I do believe when it comes to wants you should try and shop responsibly. If you are able to save enough to invest in a few ethically and ecologically responsible products, you can still make a difference.

What do you think about latex?

I love latex and subverting it into outfits to wear out. It makes me feel powerful, much like the comic book villain that I long to look like. I love experimenting with layering the net pieces, such as the halter top or the net bodysuit. By doing so, not only do I look fierce but they allow my outfit to stand out from and grab the attention of others.

My blog link is, Instagram handle is @morningmadonna         Twitter is @morninmadonna

Gary Nicholson for photography. Social media @garyndesign