How to care for your latex clothing, simple and easy.


I get asked all the time about how to wash latex clothing, so I decided to make a short video to show you how. It is very simple and only takes a few minutes.

This is my first video where I actually speak, it’s a simple video, so let me know what you think (be nice please lol)

All you need to wash chlorinated latex is;

- 1 bucket and/or bath, sink ect basically anywhere clean and tidy to was things.

- Mild soap, hand soap, baby shampoo. Something mild NO BLEACH OR HARSH CHEMICALS.

- Water

And that's it.

For unchlorinated latex you need the same equipment and I recommend for the last step you use one of these silicone oils. and polishes.

Vivi shine -

Be gloss -

Stop your latex from fading

Kim West, Fade Stop -