I've been MIA for a while now can you guess why? I moved to Australia! 8,845 miles from Berlin From 1 degree to 35 degrees, major shock for this English girl.

So running away is a bit dramatic huh?! I planned, saved and was beyond excited about getting on my flight! 24 hours later I'm on the other side of the world  . . .  wait wtf . . .  other side of the world and I wake up thinking 'what have I done!?' 

I got to a point with my company, and the companies I freelanced for, where I needed to stop and get some well needed perspective on what I was doing and where I wanted to go. I've been working my fucking ass off my whole life to get this point, to get to a point where I can support myself doing what I love, be my own boss but 8 months ago it came to ahead. I had to say out loud that working this way was killing me, physically and mentally. I fell out of love. This is no exaggeration when I say that when I landed in Australia I felt like I ran away from a serious long term relationship, I was utterly heart broken. 

Freelance is hard, having your own small business is fucking hard. You NEVER get paid on time, having to hustle money around so you can pay your bills on time, sitting at your computer typing email after email chasing YOUR MONEY! Begging people to send you your money for work you have done, looking at your bank account thinking FUCK how can I make this work this month?! Supporting yourself on your passion doesn't mean sipping champagne on boats (though I would never get on a boat anyway, has no one seen titanic!) its hard. Working 7 days a week, missing family and friends events because you either have a deadline or your so fucking tired that you get in the shower fully clothed because your so fucking tired your head doesn't work any more! Making everything and fitting a meal in between gluing seams. Don't get me wrong there are positives, but what I am trying to get at is the negatives were shadowing on the positives... hard. 

So I decided to move to Australia. I'm blessed that my younger sister, who just so happens to be my best friend, is traveling around with her fiance, who I just so happen to love to pieces, FUCKING TRIPOD MATE! (they're the beauties in that slide show)

So remember at the beginning when I woke up thinking 'what the fuck have I done?' well I'm getting perspective, I'm getting inspired again, I'm reading, I'm saying Hi to Sasha again. I have had about 3 meltdowns so far but I haven't had one for a while (they call that progress) I miss working, I miss making but this will make me come back fresh, happy and bang out some killer designs for you lovelies! 


IMG_20171223_103035_4081 (2).jpg

Beyond love to you all!!

Keep updated with me on this blog, I need to work a little bit ;)

Sasha Louise