caring for your latex

All SASHALOUISE garments are Glyde-tex latex and have been treated with Fade stop before they leave the workshop.

Latex will fade in UV light but Glyde-tex is slightly more resistant to fading. Fade stop provides an effective shield against sunlight when applied regularly and after washing, Fade stop prevents latex from fading in daylight.. Glyde-tex and Fade Stop will not prevent your latex from marking if handled incorrectly.

Lighter colours can absorb stronger colours. Store separately. Copper coins can permanently mark lighter colours, be sure not to touch the fabric after handling coins. Oils will mark the latex. Wash hands after applying make-up.


Wash item in cool, mild soapy water . Rinse thoroughly and hang to dry (NOT on the washing line in bright sunshine), turning once to ensure it dries all over.

Alternatively, you can use a hair dryer on a cold setting and constantly turn the garment with your hand to ensure it dries evenly.

Reapply Fade Stop. Glyde-tex washes easily and doesn't stick to itself. Store in a dark cupboard on a plastic or soft padded hanger. Cover with a black bin liner or a suit/dress bag.